Become a Partner

1. Make sure you're eligible! We work with 501(c)(3) nonprofits, community-based agencies, schools, and government organizations in Metro Richmond, VA. This includes Richmond City, Henrico, Chesterfield, Goochland, Powhatan, Hanover, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, and Hopewell. You don't have to have 501c3 status, as long as your need is clearly community-benefitting. See our Partnership Policy for more details.

2. Confirm that your organization isn't already a partner. It's possible that someone else from your organization has already created an organizational profile for your agency. Check our Nonprofit Partner Directory to make sure your organization is not already listed as an Active partner.
-If you find your organization on the list,contact us so that we can tell you how to get added as an individual account for your organization. Each individual person accesses the site with their own account.
3. If your organization is not on that active list, register it: Partner Registration. We will be in touch once we review your application to move forward with solidifying the partnership. Once you're approved, we'll grant you individual account access.

4. Learn more about how we could take recruitment, marketing, management and reporting of volunteers off your plate to meet your need with a recurring project for a year in our Volunteer Leader program.

5. Post your needs--sign up for training. We offer Referral Training for free, once a month.
See the Referral Training Dates

Have a more immediate need? If it is 4 weeks out, we'll send you a template to post for you. Contact us and we'll post your first one for you!
We have a best practice policy of 4 weeks’ notice to get a post up in order for it to be successful. The reasons are:
1) When a volunteer clicks “express interest” on your post, it sends you an email with their contact info and then you use whatever business practices to schedule them to serve. There’s inherent time in the back in forth of that communication, phone tag, etc.
2) We have to approve your posts so we need to build in time for edits and approval.
3) Volunteers like to plan ahead and sometimes they’re already booked before seeing the need.
We don't want to fail to get you the volunteers you need, so we’ve found this time frame works best.