BoardLink is the name for the board postings on our online platform.


Existing community partner?
You can post your board needs to our site just like any other volunteer need. If you've already been trained on how to post Referrals, simply post your BoardLink needs now the same way.
New to HandsOn? Visit our I Need Volunteers section to become a partner first and attend a Referral Training.

Your organization is a good fit for BoardLink if it:
  • Is a 501c3 nonprofit
  • Has been in operation and running programs for at least two years
  • Has at least three board members already in place
  • Is looking for potential At-Large Directors, not Officers


Potential Board Members

BoardLink benefits candidates by providing one place to look for and express interest in board openings.

1. Browse the List of Openings:  click on the name of the opportunity to view the details of how to serve.

2. Express Interest: Once you’ve found a need that interests you, click on the “Express Interest” button at the bottom of the posting.

Expressing interest sends an email directly to the person at the organization. You will also receive an email from the site with the contact person’s email address.

Feel free to follow up with a personal email that includes a statement of interest, your resume and any special skills you have that the organization requested.

3. Attend Board Training Workshops. We are working in collaboration with The Community Foundation to support board service readiness.