Project Types


HandsOn Managed (Volunteer Leader) Projects

Volunteer trends tell us that people are looking for episodic volunteer opportunities. We want to help bring these volunteers to your organization to meet your needs!

We'll work with you to scope or participate in an existing recurring, done-in-a-day type project over the course of a year. These projects are listed on our online Opportunity Calendar on specific dates and are facilitated by HandsOn Volunteer Leaders or staff, working in conjunction with your organization.

Please contact us directly at  or give us a call at (804) 409-5618 if you would like to talk about setting up a HandsOn Volunteer Leader Project.

"Birthdays for Everyone" with Virginia Supportive Housing
"Dog Care & Cleaning" with BARK

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  • Done-in-a-day (usually 2-6 hours) on some recurring schedule (e.g. once a month, once a quarter)
  • Group-based (usually 10+ volunteers who may be different each time)
  • Often takes place during evenings or weekends
  • Dates are known in advance and are planned for a year on a recurring schedule (the 3rd Saturday, the 2nd Monday, etc)
  • Volunteer Leaders are dedicated to your organization for the length of the project and know your needs
  • Activities directly serve your mission and communities in the City of Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, or Chesterfield counties
  • No advance training or special skills are required of the volunteers
  • Representative from your organization is present throughout the service project (at least in the beginning)
  • Any needed volunteer supplies are provided by your organization (supply grants may be available)
  • Volunteer Leaders manage the sign ups, communication, and confirming attendance of the volunteers for you in our system
  • They can also be trained by you in whatever special skills you'd like them to have to lead the project
  • Wrap-up reflection at project's end, led by the HandsOn Volunteer Leader



After attending training, a staff from your organization  posts your volunteer needs directly to the site. Opportunities are searchable and volunteers learn about the opportunity at our site and click a button to "express interest".

This referral notifies your organization contact via email. You then follow up with the volunteer directly to schedule them to serve. These can either be date/time specific or ongoing or skill based needs.  You will screen all these volunteers so you can require any background checks, skills, training, or whatever you need.

Date/Time Specific Referral Criteria:

Happen on a specific date or multiple dates, are searchable, and are featured on our Opportunity Calendar

Example of a "Date/Time Specific" Referral
  • Done-in-a-day projects, can be recurring
  • Posted 4 weeks before date
  • Volunteers can attend that date/time without attending any other 

Ongoing/To Be Scheduled Referral Criteria:

Some organizations have ongoing needs for volunteers (ex: a grant writer, a tutor, a van driver). Because the call is open ended, it does not have a specific date of occurrence but is really a window of recruitment instead. You list the parameters and then schedule the volunteer once they contact you. These opportunities are searchable in our database by multiple criteria.

Example of a "To Be Scheduled" Referral

  • Positions may require long-term or as-needed commitment
  • Created enough in advance of when you need volunteers to come in
  • Posted for no longer than 4 months into the future at a time (can be extended at end)
  • Start date is when you want to start recruiting
  • End date is when you want to stop recruiting
  • Board Needs can also be posted this way. See our BoardLink page for criteria.