Why join HandsOn Greater Richmond?

There are lots of reasons to create an account with HandsOn!  Many of our volunteers choose to serve because it allows them to meet new people and have new experiences; others want to get more involved in their community and some want to use a specific skill.

Many of our projects are facilitated by a HandsOn trained volunteer leader; others are led by the agency hosting the projects. We offer a wide range of projects for all interests--some which no specific skills or experience, and others that are looking for a specialized volunteer. In addition to the various one-day volunteer opportunities, HandsOn offers ongoing volunteer opportunities that allow individuals to use their skills and expertise to form a long-term relationship with an organization. We also provide links to board service training and help individuals find a board position suited to their needs.

Ready To Create an Account?

Creating an account as a volunteer with HandsOn Greater Richmond is easy!  Be sure to read our FAQ at the top of the site and view instructional videos about how to search for opportunities, how to manage your volunteer account, and how to create and manage teams.

Click the Create Volunteer Account link at the top left of this page. Once you have entered your information and confirmed your account, you can use your username (your email) and password to log in and sign up for any of our numerous volunteer opportunities!

Please note: HandsOn accounts with no activity are subject to deactivation after 2 years. Contact us if you'd like to reactivate an existing account.

In accordance with HandsOn Greater Richmond's attendance policy, individuals with 3 project no-shows will be removed from our database and accounts disabled. Our partners are counting on us to bring them accurate numbers. To avoid deactivation, if you cannot attend a project, please login to your account to remove yourself from projects for which you are signed up as soon as possible.